Puanga/Matariki 2021 from New Plymouth, New Zealand

Puanga is the Taranaki Maori New Year. Puanga (Rigel) is witnessed rising from the East just before the sun to mark the start of a new year. The Maori New Year is also marked by Matariki, the Pleiades star cluster. Matariki rises just after Puanga, a little to the left on the horizon. This year Takero (Mercury) rises with the dawn. The day chosen is the 25th June 2021.

This video is created using Quicktime Player on my MacBook Pro to record a Stellarium script. The script automates the action of navigating the sky at a set date & time, speeding up and slowing down time and displaying informative  text. Stellarium is able to display celestial information on screen based on various cultures, including Māori.