Treefish Noticeboard

The Treefish Noticeboard system is a convenient way to consolidate and present relevant information to staff and students at the school. It can be configured to retrieve information from existing sources, such as calendars, news feeds and image repositories. This saves on double-entry and leverages systems that the school staff already use and with which are comfortable. The time-saving and convenience of the system will ensure your staff enjoy using it to keep students and parents informed.

Most current TV screens in reception areas typically present a slideshow of photos stored on a USB stick attached to the TV. These do not engage the viewer and require someone to physically remove and update the photos on the USB stick. The Treefish Noticeboard can be configured to retrieve photos from a central source, such as a file server. The photos can then be managed as required without the need to use a USB stick.

Multiple TV screens can be set up and access the same information sources – or different ones if desired. The system uses web technologies to present the screen, therefore it is possible to access the Noticeboard from any web browser, within the school itself and also outside the school network – with appropriate configuration support from your I.T. Department.

With dynamic and up-to-date content, the Noticeboard is more engaging and informative to staff, students and caregivers.

The layout of the various information widgets is customisable. Widgets can be placed in the corners, centred or stacked. The type of widget will often suggest a location on the screen. 


Calendar events can be sourced from the school calendar such as from G-suite or any iCal based calendar system. This includes the official MoE term dates and and NZ Public Holidays.

Daily Notices

The Daily Notices widget pulls posts from one or more RSS feeds. Website systems such as WordPress can provide RSS feeds automatically. 

If this is not available, a custom solution can be created for interfacing to an RSS service. An advantage to using a system such as WordPress is that staff can be empowered to create their own notices for display. Additionally, new notices can be created on short notice, such as cancelled events due to weather. 

Background Image Slideshow

Photos and images can be displayed in a background slideshow. These can be sourced from multiple locations, often from a File Share on a server. The system will synchronise images on a routine basis with the source.

Custom Design

Other custom widgets can be created as required. Examples may include sports results, house scores, cancelled event notices, promotional spots, static text and even embedded YouTube video loops.

Treefish is a Taranaki-based and owned company supporting schools and businesses for 14 years.

The Noticeboard system is available as a service and charged on a monthly basis. Contact Treefish now to start the process in re-engaging staff, students, caregivers and visitors.